Welcome to EB&I

Energy Balance and Integration, LLC is a completely independent company, whose staff have been providing testing and balancing services in New Mexico, Colorado, Eastern Arizona, and Western Texas, since 1976.  We possess a full array of equipment and expertise to test and balance systems in all types of buildings. In addition, we are capable of testing control systems, performing sound tests, evaluating system operation, performing Fire Life Safety Testing, performing building airtightness testing, conducting duct leakage tests and systems commissioning.  Our firm is NEBB certified for air and water balancing; TABB certified for air and water balancing; we have at present three NEBB and TABB certified supervisors (for air and water) and one field tech with NEBB Tech Certification. Our firm is NEBB and TABB certified for air and water balancing. With no financial ties to any contractor or manufacturer, EB&I can provide quality unbiased testing and balancing services, systems commissioning and any of the above mentioned services. The staff of EB&I has been involved with and have completed well over 6800 projects in the New Mexico, Colorado, Eastern Arizona and Western Texas and the surrounding areas.

Latest News Release

Energy Balance & Integration LLC is pleased to announce that we now offer Certified Fire, Smoke, and Fire-Smoke Damper Testing.   We are Fire LifeSafety Certified by ICB/TABB.  We periodically test buildings to make sure they will meet NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 codes. Give us a call or email  and we will be happy to give you a proposal.